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BNH Deluxe is the musical moniker adopted by American singer-songwriter and producer John Stephen RePass. Born in New Albany, Indiana, on St. Patrick’s Day of 2007, and later moving to Washington at 6 years old along with his family, RePass embarked on his artistic voyage within the realm of songwriting and music production in the latter part of 2018, armed with only a tablet and driven by an unwavering passion for exploration.


The genesis of BNH Deluxe's musical odyssey found its roots in Lo-fi hip-hop. These early influences laid the foundation for his distinctive sound, which he would later expand and enrich with a diverse range of inspirations. Fueling his growth as an artist, he self-taught himself the guitar, keyboard, and ukulele, weaving its melodic resonance into his evolving repertoire.


In a pivotal year, 2021, BNH Deluxe caught the attention of Sub Pop, an iconic Independent record label renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to the music industry. His inclusion in Vol. 6 of Sub Pop's Singles Club marked a significant milestone in his musical journey. Embracing a multitude of genres, BNH Deluxe's musical prowess spans pop, pop rap, heavy metal, trap metal, , acoustic, and alternative rock realms.


At the heart of BNH Deluxe's compositions lie his deeply personal experiences, particularly his courageous exploration of mental health struggles and obsessive-compulsive disorder. "Returning to the headspace of previous topics is spot on since I notice that unless I choose explicitly to write about something specific and new, I always go back to writing about my own unique experiences with overall mental turmoil and OCD. I think it's especially apparent in my older music."

BNH Deluxe
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